Torsion springs are produced on modern CNC machines with 100% control of leg position, automatic adjustment of spring characteristics and elimination of unsuitable springs.

vibam torsion springs

Production batches range from one piece to large-scale production.

We mostly produce springs based on customer drawings, but we can also advise you with development of new springs and help you come up with the best solution.

At the customer’s request we can equip each shipment with a measurement sheet containing the required data (F1, F2, cp, cpk…).

Wire diameter: from 0.35 to 3.5 mm

Spring shapes: cylindrical, conical, barrel and double torsion springs or special shapes

Leg shapes: straight legs (shape 1), bent outwards (shape 2), bent alongside the body of the spring (shape 3), bent towards the centre (shape 4), special shapes in line with customer requirements.

Materials: patented spring wires (EN 10270-1), oil-hardened spring wires (EN 10270-2), non-corrodible spring wires (EN10270-3), zinc-coated spring wires, conducting wires (CuSn) etc.

The list of materials can be seen here.

Additional treatment: micro-forging

Surface treatment: phosphatizing, bluing, zinc-coating, nickel-coating, passivation, powder-coating, application of special anti-corrosion or anti-slip coating etc.

Torsion spring blueprint 1 vibam
Torsion spring blueprint 2 vibam
d [mm] wire diameter a0 (°) angle between the legs of an unloaded spring
De [mm] external diameter of the spring a1 (°) angle between the legs of a pre-stressed spring
D [mm] middle diameter of the spring a2 (°) angle between the legs of an unloaded spring
Di [mm] internal diameter of the spring an (°) maximum permissible angle between the spring legs
Lk [mm] length of the body of an unloaded spring
Is1 [mm] length of 1 spring leg M1 (Nmm) spring moment at angle a1 (pre-stressed spring)
Is2 [mm] length of 2 spring leg M2 (Nmm) spring moment at angle a2 (loaded spring)
and (Nmm) maximum permissible spring moment
n number of coils
R (Nmm/°) spring characteristic Dd [mm] diameter of the leading mandrel
m [mm] spacing between the coils (step) Dh [mm] diameter of the leading casing

Torsion Spring Shapes

Torsion leg shape 1 vibam

Shape 1 – Straight legs

Torsion leg shape 2 vibam

Shape 2 

Bent outwards 

Torsion leg shape 3 vibam

Shape 3

Bent alongside the body of the spring

Torsion leg shape 4 vibam

Shape 4

Bent towards the centre 

Torsion Spring Leg Positions

torsion springs leg position0 vibam

n=..,00 (0°)

torsion springs leg position90 vibam

n=..,25 (90°)

torsion springs leg position180 vibam

n=..,50 (180°)

torsion springs leg position270 vibam

n=..,75 (270°)

Torsion Spring Samples