Tension springs are produced on modern CNC machines with 100% control, automatic adjustment of spring characteristics and elimination of unsuitable springs.

tension spring vibam 2

Tension springs are mostly produced in batches ranging from one piece to small-scale production. Springs with extended loops can also be produced on a large scale.

We mostly produce springs based on customer drawings, but we can also advise you with development of new springs and help you come up with the best solution.

At the customer’s request we can equip each shipment with a measurement sheet containing the required data (F1, F2, cp, cpk…)

Wire diameter: from 0.35 to 3.5 mm

Loop shapes: German, English or in line with customer requirements

Materials: patented spring wires (EN 10270-1), oil-hardened spring wires (EN 10270-2), stainless spring wires (EN10270-3), zinc-coated spring wires, conducting wires (CuSn) etc.

The list of materials can be seen here.

Additional treatment:shot peening, deburring etc.

Surface treatment: phosphatizing, bluing, zinc-coating, nickel-coating, passivation, powder-coating, KTL painting, application of special anti-corrosion or anti-slip coating etc.

Tension spring blueprint vibam
d [mm] wire diameter
De [mm] external diameter of the spring
D [mm] middle diameter of the spring
Di [mm] internal diameter of the spring
L0 [mm] free length of the spring
L1 [mm] length of a pre-stressed spring
L2 [mm] length of a loaded spring
Ln [mm] maximum permissible length of the spring
Lk [mm] length of spring body
Lh [mm] length of spring loop
m [mm] loop openness
F1 (N) spring force at length L1 (pre-stressed spring)
F2 (N) spring force at length L2 (loaded spring)
Fn (N) maximum permissible load of the spring
s1 [mm] spring sag in the pre-stressed state
s2 [mm] spring sag in the stressed state
sh [mm] used spring sag
sn [mm] maximum permissible spring sag
n number of active (working) coils
R (N/mm) spring characteristic

Tension Spring Loop Shapes

German Loop Vibam

German Loop   Lh = 0,8 to 1,1Di

German SideLoop Vibam

German Sideloop   Lh = Di

German Loop-Angle Vibam

German Loop/Angle

Double German loop Vibam

Double German Loop  Lh = 0,8 to 1,1Di

Double German sideloop Vibam

Double German Sideloop   Lh = Di

1:2 German loop Vibam

1/2 German loop   Lh = 0,55 to 0,8Di

English loop vibam

English Loop   Lh = 1,1Di

Hook Vibam


Sidehook Vibam


Tension Spring Loop Positions

Loop 0 degrees Vibam

Loop 90 degrees Vibam


Loop 180 degrees Vibam


Loop 270 degrees Vibam


Tension Spring Samples