Bendied and stamped parts are produced on modern CNC machines and a special bending and cutting automatic machine.

2d_3d_1 bend stamped parts vibam

Production batches range from one piece to large-scale production.

We mostly produce springs based on customer drawings, but we can also advise you with development of new springs and help you come up with the best solution.

Wire diameter: from 0.35 to 3.5 mm

Strip thickness: up to 2 mm

Materials: patented spring wires (EN10270-1), oil-hardened spring wires (EN10270-2), stainless springs wires and strips (EN10270-3), zinc-coated spring wires and strips, conducting wires and strips (CuSn), steel sheet, spring tin plate, copper strip, brass strip etc.

The list of materials can be seen here.

Additional treatment: shot peening, vibro finish…

Surface treatment: phosphatizing, bluing, zinc-coating, nickel-coating, passivation, powder-coating, tin-coating, KTL painting, application of special anti-corrosion or anti-slip coating etc.

2D and 3D Bend/Stamped Parts Samples